Sarah, Lausanne/Switzerland

I hired Erica to help me with a very active 5 year old Chocolate Labrador. She's not my dog, but I started walking her twice per week, and immediately noticed that this wasn't going to be as easy as I had imagined.

She was pulling the leash a LOT, she was constantly sniffing everything and then often just lay on the floor, only to get back up when I gave her treats (a habit she learned from another dog walker).

After just two sessions with Erica she and I now I have a completely different relationship. I can tell that she adores me, looks me in the eyes, wants to please me. And I feel the same for her.

Given that she has such an active character I now have her on a 5m leash in the beginning of our walk and let her smell everything, walk ahead, fall behind, do whatever she wants. She doesn't pull anymore, because she knows I give her freedom.

Then on the 2nd half of our walk, I put her on a very short training leash and she knows that now I want her to walk next to me. I'm calm, just like Erica taught me, and she is calm too.

I'm amazed how fast this transformation happened. Other dog trainers told me I'd have to train her for a year or more.

Thank you very much dear Erica 😀

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Timothy, Encinitas California

Erica has been an incredible help to improving my dog Maya’s life. And a bonus. My life has improved also. She has helped us in person. And via FaceTimes. When visiting she helped Maya to be more alive and have fun. And for live more in the present.

We would run on the beach. Take hikes in Joshua Tree nature. More play time.

With Erica’s help and support I was able to take Maya’s leash and collar off. Occasionally. And let her feel some freedom. Just be a dog. It also helped me to be more relaxed around Maya.

Erica has an incredible calming energy flowing.

In 2019 Maya suffered a serious leg and back injury with five days in hospital and many tests. Doctors were unable to help her. So found a hands on canine rehabilitation place. And was helpful with Maya’s recovery to a point. But I felt she needed additional support.

I was aware of Erica’s energy healing abilities. But she lives in Switzerland. I live in California.

She suggested we try a FaceTime healing session. With my hand connecting with Maya and Erica guided me. Maya was able to completely relax. And afterwards walk more smoothly. So we have continued FaceTime energy healing sessions. Maya enjoys them and responds positively. And so do I. I know Maya will never recover completely from her injury. But Erica’s incredible ability with positive energy flow.

And helping me to understand and better communicate with Maya has brought us closer together.
And our lives are better for it.

I can highly recommend Erica to everyone.

Thank you. Timothy


Maya Joshua Tree Bench

Lisa, Encinitas California

Barry had behavioral problems that manifested in restlessness and hyperactivity. Through Erica's therapeutic work with Barry, this quickly led to calming. In the meantime Barry is a normal and happy dog again. Our family is relaxed and Barry doesn't eat flip flops anymore. 😀

We were very happy about Erica's therapy.

I can highly recommend Erica's services, on location or remote, to all dog owners and lovers.

Thank you so much dear Erica

Barry playing