Erica Kessler - Speaking about dog healing and office dogs

Customized speeches that inspire dog owners and lovers to have a more joyful life


It started with the idea to do a dog event in Weggis on June 2022. On April 29, 2023 the event took place at mamelis in Weggis, Lucerne. I spoke about "Healing touch for animal®" and my special mix to help dogs to relax. I could show on Emma who to do it. It was a great event.

Speaking about dog healing and office dogs - more joy for everyone

I’m a Swiss dog practitioner and speaker based in Lucerne, Switzerland

My goal is to inspire dog owners and dog lovers globally to connect deeper with their dogs. I will give you the advice and tools you can use in your daily life.

It all started in Encinitas, San Diego, where I met the dog Barry. He showed me my gift to transform traumas and behavioral issues through energy healing.

Dogs communicate with their owners and humans in many ways - all you have to do is learn how.

I will show you how soft body touch helps to transform so much more than you could ever imagine. I will also teach you to use your voice to communicate differently.

Bonding with your dog is what makes life more joyful

I would love to speak to your organization, at an event or an exhibition to help inspire the audience to do things differently.

My Topics

Customized speeches that inspire dog owners, lovers and employees to have a more joyful life at home and in the office. Joy for everyone.

Public events

How soft body touch, communication and seeing the needs of the dog help both to have a better and more joyful life.


In-house at companies based in Switzerland

Advice for working in harmony with dogs in the office. Joy for the dog, the dog owners and the employees.


How to connect with dogs more deeply. What you can do in your daily life to enjoy it more. How you can see the needs of your dog.